Hello there my dear reader and welcome to the third edition of Mann ki blog. You have made a wise decision by opening the link. I admit I am not entirely prepared or have much idea about what I want to talk in this edition. But I assure you by the end of it, you will not be disappointed. Atleast you will not feel like you have wasted your time. Atleast you will smile here and there. I don’t know okay. Let’s just see how this goes.

Even though it is a personal loss for me, I won’t be talking about Samantha and Naga Chaitanya (the South Indian Abhishek Bachchan. Lucky fellow) getting engaged. Good for them. I will however like to have an opinion on those people who attacked Sanjay Leela Bansali for allegedly shooting intimate scenes in some historical movie. Before I voice my opinion, I usually ask myself three questions. I did the same here also.

1. Does my opinion matter to anyone?
2. Will my opinion change or influence anyone?
3. Does the incident effect me in any way?

Even though the answer to all these questions is a big ‘NO,’ like the pretentious asshole that I am, I chose to give my opinion anyway. My only problem however with everything that had happened is that I will be missing out on those intimate scenes. I have to make it clear that my inclination towards romance is significantly more than my opposition to violence. Those attackers don’t  have any feelings or what?! I mean it is Deepika Padukone man. Have you seen her in Ram-Leela? May be they wanted someone else I think. Katrina Kaif may be. Not that I will watch the movie anyway, but some guy somewhere will definitely make a compilation of all those scenes and upload on YouTube. God bless such people.

I might come across as a pervert here I know. I am walking on a tight rope but let me try and clarify a little bit. I confess, while most people were rooting for Vijay Malya to be brought back to India to face charges, I was more worried about the future of the Kingfisher calendar. But I did not like (or endorse) that cleavage controversy in Times of India. I never used that red laser light in cinema halls to point at boobs and such. I never ever stalked or teased girls in public transports. But these scenes are done by the actresses themselves. Watching them will not make me a pervert. It is what it is. If at all, I am who one might call an indoor-pervert or better, a domestic-pervert, which is in no way harmful to anyone. I will go ahead and say that if only more people were like me, the world would be a better place to live. I doesn’t matter what one thinks of me, all I want say is, don’t fight over such things people. Try to inculcate a dirty mind. It solves many problems.

But what to do man?! Days are changing. Friends of dead chief ministers are becoming new chief ministers (Note to self: Value friendships and try not  to be obese) Things are not as they used to be. Few days back I went to Dunkin’ Donuts and you won’t believe what they are selling there. ‘Break-up party Eclair’ it seems. What is a break-up party? Why would anyone name an eclair like that? There are few events in life that shape our attitude and help build our character. Failing in an important exam, death of a close family member and break up with someone who meant something to you. These things are not to be taken casually. Back in my day, we never celebrated our break-ups. Kids these days are not capable of dealing with the sadness I think. You have to be sad, fellows. That is how you experience life. Even item songs in those days used to speak about love and its greatness. The hero used to go to a dhaba to get drunk (I am not endorsing alcoholism) and the item girl used to start a debate (in skimpy clothes) about the Pros and Cons of love. Now it is all about Rathalu and Chokka bothalu and such. No wonder children are losing perspective I say. Please bring back those item songs and if possible bring back those item girls also.

I cannot honestly understand how a person can be in love with someone when he/she will not be sad if at all the relationship does not work out. It is nothing but undermining the relationship itself. Kids must understand that it is okay to feel sad. In fact one should be glad about having their heart broken because if we are willing to learn, it teaches us more about ourselves than about the other person. It will also, make Ilayaraaja’s music much more beautiful than it is. So embrace the tragedy.

Moving on now, a friend of mine, who is a good writer, recently told me that she would never start a blog because she did not want to face critics, if any. Sometimes in my office washroom or in any public washroom, whenever someone farts, I used to feel disgusted. Now that I think of it (please don’t ask why I would even think of such things) it is after all in the washroom. Where else can someone fart in peace with out being judged if not in a washroom? Writing silly blog posts about random things, for me is the equivalent of those middle aged uncles farting in washrooms. What a stupid comparison!! There will always be people who won’t approve of it. But there will also be people who just listen (read, in this case) and move on without giving it much thought. My point is that we should not be afraid of being judged in life. People judge no matter what we do. At least be judged doing what you love. If you feel like writing, keep writing. If you feel like farting also, same.

I will end on that lovely note my dear readers. I know that not many useful things are discussed today so let me tell you about an interesting observation I made.

How many of you are born in September? Rise your hands. It is the 9th month of the year right? Which means that there is a huge probability that you are your parents’ ‘New Year Resolution’ Hehehe.. Congratulations!! See you next time.

P.S.  Wait wait, I have to tell you. I am also born in September. But considering how I have turned out, I believe I am more of a Christmas miracle 🙂